Trainer available:
M-Th 6-7, F 6-6, S-S 8-5pm EST



FIT2THEMAX's focused on closing the gap in health and fitness disparities in the communities. We provide practical tools, exercise classes, personal training one on one,  and resources to motivate, inspire and achieve optimal healthy lifestyle for all generations and beyond through relevant fitness articles, workout tips, recipes, and more, to help our communities stay motivated and accountable. 

FIT2THEMAX's programs specializes in overall health, weight loss, weight gain, sports nutrition, family nutrition, weight management, maintenance, and other dietary needs, specifically tailored to your body type and nutritional requirements for optimum success. Clients receive:

Initial comprehensive assessment
Recording of body measurements for individual tracking
Professional diet and body composition analysis
Personalized meal plans and exercise recommendations
Basic nutrition education session
Follow up sessions to track progress
Food logging forms available for nutritional trackinG
Packet of useful nutrition information and articles
Emotional support to help you get throught the “tough” times